Would you like to take advantage of MediCorpa privileges?

Advantage CARD is a completely free card that gives you the following advantages;

  • Special discount advantages from our contracted hospital and hotel network
  • The possibility of being treated in hospital in Turkey over 100 </ li>
  • Over 10,000 doctors from each branch
  • Free value-for-money accommodation
  • The ability to get free opinion about your illness
  • Making your treatment at the best possible price Diplodli>
  • Free assistant service
  • 7 days 24 hours medical call center support
  • Free translator support
  • Free transfer from hotel to Hospital Diplodli>
  • Free transfer from airport to hospital
  • Free transfer from the airport to the hospital
  • Private doctors and nurses to the point you want in the world
    Emergency and Ambulance Services
  • Turkey’s largest medical tourism company which health care provider to unstressed medicorpa the assurance of receiving medical treatment possibilitiesThese advantages are for members of MediCorpa and hospital network.
    ** You can get detailed information on the advantage CARD phone numbers. You can contact us on the phone numbers on the back of your card 24/7. We wish healthy days… Medicorpa