About the Department

Plastic surgery deals with aesthetic and reconstructive surgery (repair surgery). Cosmetic surgery improves the person’s appearance and self-perception by reshaping normal body structures. On the other hand, reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal body structures that are congenital or subsequent causes, and its primary purpose is to restore the functions of the affected body structures as much as possible.

The outward appearance has become an important element in modern life; and today people want to feel good not only spiritually but also in their appearance. Aesthetic surgery can reshape the body structures that are unpleasant and improve one’s appearance and self-image.

A person is a social being, and one’s self-view directly affects his social relationships and therefore his whole life. The change of self-view in the good direction makes one more peaceful, happy and self-confident not only in society but also when he is alone. People who are satisfied with their self-view will be more productive in their jobs, feel safe and valuable in their relationships and approach others more positively. As a result, one’s relationship with himself, his environment and life will be healthier and more productive.

Beauty is a relative concept that changes with time and space. It is up to the person to decide whether plastic surgery is necessary. At this stage, aesthetic surgeons present their scientific knowledge and experiences, informing the person and directing them to a logical and attainable option.