About the Department

In our department where advanced technology based diagnosis and treatment methods are used; endoscopic and microscopic procedures and examination, examination and treatment of hearing and balance system diseases. Ear-Nose Throat operations and oncological surgical operations for head and neck tumors are also successfully applied.

Ear Diseases
* Ear Diseases and Hearing Disorders
* Ear infections
* Hearing losses
* Balance diseases
* Dizziness
* Tinnitus

Nasal Diseases
* Chronic sinusitis
* Nasal allergies
* Deodorization disorders
* Nose bleeding
* Nasal congestion and problems with external appearance of the nose
* Nasal polyps
* Diseases such as tear gland blockages

Throat Diseases
* Problems with the nasal flesh and tonsils (frequent infections and excessive size, etc.)
* Soft palate and small tongue sagging that cause snoring and breathing in sleep
* Vocal cord diseases (infection, polyps, nodules, etc.)
* Laryngopharyngeal reflux (disorders of the throat structures caused by gastric acid escaping)
* Masses in lips, tongue and mouth
Salivary gland infections, stones and masses
* Ingestion problems
* Treatment of head and neck infections, masses and tumors
* Diseases of the jaw joint
* Treatment of fractures of the face and jaw bones

Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases in Children
* Difficult to breathe
* Middle ear infections
* Tonsil and nasal diseases
* Allergy and sinus diseases