About the Department

General Surgery Centers; has a strong academic staff, experience and knowledge for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and all non-cancer diseases, equipment and infrastructure combining scientific technology with advanced technology, surgical options using innovative advanced techniques specific to the patient and has world-class service opportunities.

General surgery, which is one of the most important and comprehensive fields of medicine; Diseases of the organs of interest and different treatments, rapidly developing technology and surgical techniques in these areas due to the increase in the diversity of surgical applications is gradually being replaced by private surgery. In this way, the “general surgeon” who concentrates on every subject also gains the status of “private surgeon” by providing specialization in different areas of general surgery.

Endocrine surgery involving benign diseases and cancers of thyroid; surgery for benign tumors and breast cancers in the breast; hepato-pancreato-biliary system surgeries involving the liver, biliary tract, gall bladder and pancreas; cancers of the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine and breech region, gallstones and hernias, surgery for anorectal diseases and obesity surgery that provides permanent weight control are performed by experienced teams in our centers.