About the Department

Turkey every year about 15 million and 200 thousand people in the world are caught cancer. Nowadays, it is important to evaluate the cancer, which is now in the curable diseases group, with a common point of view, where many branches come together from the moment of diagnosis.

In oncology departments, the data of the patients are examined in detail and analyzed in accordance with the US and European guidelines used worldwide and the most appropriate treatment is applied for the patient. In drug applications, which have an important place in cancer treatment, the age of the patient, the diseases accompanying the cancer, personal preferences, private and professional life and psychosocial characteristics are taken into consideration and the patient’s participation in this process is provided. Patients; In addition to classical chemotherapy treatments, targeted drug and molecule applications, immunotherapy, which are called ılan smart son in recent years, have been offered options that increase the success rate and quality of life.