Patients can contact MediCorpa’s patient relations specialists by telephone or e-mail, through MediCorpa’s representative offices in their own country, via the MediCorpa website.

If our patients want to come during the operation planning process, we will be happy to plan the treatment process with them. However, when our patients send us all their medical information and examination results, we prepare and share patient-specific treatment plans of specialist doctors in their field. If more than one method is used for treatment, the patient will be contacted and the method will be decided together with the patient.
With MediCorpa, patients have the opportunity to quickly access the medical evaluations of the best physicians in their field. The patient’s condition is evaluated within 24 hours and return to the patient is provided. Patients can access all information about all centers where they can be treated and make comparisons. Patients can compare all medical technologies to be used in treatment. Patients can compare all alternative price options for their treatment and choose the most appropriate option for their budget.

Airplane tickets can be purchased by MediCorpa or by the patient at the request of the patient. If the patient’s health is not conducive to air travel, patients are picked up by MediCorpa from their location by aircraft ambulance. If patients need to stay at the hotel before or during treatment, MediCorpa will book the hotel at their discretion. medicorp ‘s negotiated hotels found in Turkey, there are locations close to anywhere in the hospital. Patients hotels that want to stay in line with the budget can choose between alternatives patients when they reach Turkey medicorp patient will remain met at the airport by a representative of the hotel or provided the transfer to the hospital to be used by the patient during the treatment of a telephone line is given.

Treatments are performed in hospitals with JCI-certified high medical technology and the best doctors in the field. On the day of treatment, patients are transferred to the hospital by the MediCorpa from the hotel or airport. Patients do not have any communication problems thanks to the MediCorpa assistants who accompany them and speak the same language as the patient. MediCorpa is available 24/7. Every stage of treatment is monitored by MediCorpa doctors.

MediCorpa organizes all necessary arrangements for the patient’s discharge from hospital on the day of discharge. Patients are informed about control appointments and postoperative care before leaving the hospital. The transfer to the airport is free of charge. If requested by the patient, touristic trips, paid by the patient, are organized by MediCorpa.

Patients can always contact MediCorpa for post-treatment care upon their return to their home country. Doctors at MediCorpa’s offices in the relevant countries monitor the post-treatment care of patients. You do not have to investigate the hospital, treatment options and price alternatives yourself for the treatment of your disease. MediCorpa does all the research for you and shares all the alternatives with you. All treatment processes of the patients are monitored by the MediCorpa team and MediCorpa doctors and patients and their relatives are regularly informed.