About the Department

IVF Centers are trying to find solutions to a wide range of issues ranging from unsuccessful IVF cases to maternal women, from severe male infertility to recurrent miscarriages. Our team, which makes great efforts for the success of IVF treatment and conducts important researches in this sense, also applies preimplantation genetic diagnosis methods in families at risk of genetic diseases.

What is IVF?
In vitro fertilization is a preferred method as a result of the failure of pregnancy in spite of unprotected association for more than 1 year. Especially in recent years, IVF treatment has brought successful results with the selection of fully equipped baby centers in IVF clinics. Infertility couples are given a test tube baby in a fully equipped IVF center with the results of examinations followed by laboratory tests and imaging tests. While IVF treatment is performed after vaccination, it can sometimes be preferred directly. Therefore, the choice of in vitro fertilization center, which can make individualized treatment, is very important.

Our IVF Centers can identify many genetic diseases such as thalassemia, muscle diseases, hemophilia in embryos and thus help to bring healthy children to the world. Our IVF Centers which have achieved success in all these areas and on IVF with a wide range of treatments offered in Turkey as well as in Europe and has had an important place in the world.